What is 21 Gingerman?

A bit of history lesson here. I co-founded VoiceIndigo with John over three years ago. We saw an Open Media trend, and the initial plan was to embrace Podcasting. Podcasting was, and still is, a movement to allow anyone to create and distribute audio (and soon after, video) content through an easy and low-cost channel not controlled by major media distributors. We brought podcast consumption from the desktop to mobile devices through a software pre-load deal with Samsung Electronics and a portal distribution deal on Palm Treo phones. Three different models of Samsung phones (M620, M510, M520) shipped through Sprint and Qwest with our software pre-loaded. In December 2007, we decided to broaden our product line beyond audio podcast distribution.

gingerman cookiesWe launched our first casual online game called The Picture Game about 6 weeks ago through the VoiceIndigo Mobile Portal for the mobile networks. You can view The Picture Game for mobile phones on a computer desktop browser, though you may want to size down your browser window a little so it feels more like a mobile phone screen size. Usage ramped up quickly. In the past couple of weeks, we saw a 20-40% week-to-week growth in usage. That’s when we decided to change the company direction to add games into our entertainment content and online and social networks as our distribution channels. With a new direction come a new brand. Thus born 21 Gingerman.

So, how did we come up with such a name? We want the name to sound fun. What’s more interesting than having a nice Gingerman Cookie? Well, 21 Gingerman Cookies certainly sound more fun than just one. And the name has a certain “kick” to it. Of course, the domain name 21gingerman.com is available which makes it a great domain name in itself already 🙂

And now, the big news is we “silent launched” the Facebook version of The Picture Game on Facebook yesterday! It’s “silent” because we are only slowly leaking out the news to our friends and family. It has not hit the Facebook “Newest” funnel yet. We would like to hear feedback from our users and improve the game and service before we open the flood gate. If you are a Facebook user, add the application and play.

Now that we have an expanded business focus, I need to expand my team and bring on some new team members as well. Most notably, a great marketing (VP/Director level) in the games/entertainment space will help me out tremendously. His or her responsibility will be to expand our distribution channels and build strategic relationships with partners. On the engineering side, we can always use a couple more software web developers who are skilled in the LAMP stack, especially PHP, Python and MySQL.

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