Why “The Picture Game”?

We look at the things around us as a huge glob of object. We can recognize familiar objects from afar, but have a hard time telling what it is if we stick our nose all the way up against the object. Of course, our inability to focus on things less than a couple of inches away makes it irrelevant in real life.

The Picture Game on facebookWith The Picture Game, you are shown an extreme close up of some object or person and four choices. You try to pick the answer that matches the extreme close up picture. Or you can choose to zoom out and see more of the picture. You have three chances to get the right answer. You earn points by getting the right answer. The game concept came from a TV game show I’ve seen when I was a kid, but I don’t even recall the name and the actual rules of the game. Sometimes I wonder if it is planted memory.

Other than being fun, the format of the game lets the player dwell on a portion of a picture for a long time before either seeing a slightly larger picture or the complete picture. It improves brand recognition and recall. In some cases, it can help create product awareness (e.g. “Oh, I did not know that Samsung also makes flat screen TVs”).

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