UGG, What’s That?

We are still trying different features and learning about what makes The Picture Games fun for users. One of the “chores” of maintaining The Picture Game is to keep a constant stream of new puzzles so repeat users won’t see the same puzzles over and over again. While it’s a fun job to look for cultural icons, familiar faces, and everyday objects and toss them into the game, it does take time away from the development work. Occasionally, we get puzzles which users will give us the “Huh? Who the … is that?” look. Trust me, this includes one friend who asked “Who’s Jon Bon Jovi?”

Since we have most of the puzzle generation tools automated already, it’s only a small amount of additional work to create a user interface and let the users get in on the action. Here comes User Generated Games, or UGG for short. (No, it’s not about those furry boots from down under.)

Yesterday, we launched a new version of The Picture Game (on Facebook) which allows users to submit photos from either their Facebook Albums or the Internet. User picks a photo (or give us a URL), our game generator suggests four different “crops” (portion of the submitted photo). User tells us what is in the picture (people, landmark, or “thing”), the right answer and at least one wrong answer. We auto-generate more wrong answers if necessary. And a game is created. Creator can send this to their friends and family. That’s pretty much it.

If you have already installed The Picture Game, go try UGG! If not, install application from here.

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