Changes are gonna come

I demo’ed What Happens Next? at the last Bay Area Facebook Meetup at DLA Piper’s office in Palo Alto last week.  There were over 100 people in the audience.  After the panel discussion on monetization, I took the stage to demo What Happens Next?.  Oops!  The laptop connected to the projector is Windows and is running IE.  Our black background did not show up properly.  Good that I have my MacBook standing by and was able to connect to the projector in close to zero time.  Oops! Oops!  Audio!  There’s no audio input to the conference room’s A/V system.  I cranked up the volume on the MacBook and held the microphone real close, but it still wouldn’t pick up.  Darn!  I guess 80% of the people in the room cannot hear the audio from the What Happens Next? video.  Live and Learn: Next time, connect up my own powered speakers.

I asked the audience 3 questions:

  1. We do not require “add” of What Happens Next? application to view video.  But “add” is required for users who are going to vote.  Good idea or bad idea?   Audience responses seem to be positive on our choice to not require “add”.
  2. How many of you are going to put in a vote after you watch the video? About 10 hands (out of 100) raised their hands.
  3. How many of you are going to write your own ending instead of voting for an existing choice? About 5 hands stayed up (out of 100).

After being live for over a week with very light usage, statistics showed that there are a lot more views of the video than the number of votes.  We are rethinking the “wisdom of the crowd” on question 1 above.  Some changes are going to come in the next week or so to address this.

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