Submitted first application to App Store

iPhone application icon for Xtreme CloseUp

Clock is ticking now.  Just submitted our first application Xtreme CloseUp to Apple App Store.

I was going to submit it yesterday, but Apple just turned on the “most work on SDK 3.0” rule yesterday, so I have no choice but to download and upgrade to SDK 3.0 to test it.  It took over an hour to download the SDK and upgrade iTunes.  Of course, I ran out of disk space on my MacBook and have to clean up and delete some unused applications (like Parallels which is using up 15GB of my HD and I hardly use it anymore). Then, I have to upgrade my iPod touch (my test environment) to iPhone OS 3.0.  Then do testing.  This took the whole evening.

When I’m ready to submit, Application Loader rejected my zip file for improper code signing.  Oh well, back to the documentation.  I retraced my steps and following the instructions on Apple Developer Connection again.  Refer to the section on “Building your Application with Xcode for Distribution.” It worked! Application Loader happily munched on it and gave me the congratulations screen.

Now, I’m in the waiting game…

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