The “NRA” of Smartphone Market Share: 40-20-10

A Fortune blog about Gartner’s market research data of Smartphone shipment in Q1 2009 and Market Share.  The top three players Nokia, RIM, and Apple (I’m going to give them  the nickname NRA) market share is approximately 40%, 20%, and 10% respectively (numbers rounded for user friendliness).

Compared to a year ago (Q1 2008), both RIM and Apple gained in market share as well as year-over-year units shipped while Nokia lost market share and pretty much flat on units shipped.

The #4 spot by market share is HTC, maker of the Android-powered G1 phone.  The number of G1 phones shipped is mixed in with the rest of the HTC branded devices, so it’s a little harder to figure out how much traction Android has on the market.  In a separate report on TechCrunch, Erick Schonfeld cited AdMob’s report (based on mobile web usage) of Android’s 6% market share.  However, I’m a little bit doubtful of basing the market share solely on the AdMob data as they measure mobile web usage and iPhone (free) native apps that requests ads from AdMob.  When was the last time you launch Safari on your iPhone / iPod touch just to surf the web?  I find that much of the iPhone usage has shifted over to applications.  These native iPhone apps still communicates with HTTP, but they are not surfing the web and viewing AdMob ads that they can count.

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