Xtreme CloseUp is Now Available on Apple App Store

Xtreme CloseUp on iTunesAfter 2 weeks and one resubmission, Xtreme CloseUp has been approved and available on App Store.  I received a email with an 8:17pm timestamp from iTunes Store after I got home from a long day of back-to-back Memorial Day BBQs.   To the Apple folks who are working through the Memorial Day long weekend and on a Sunday night, thank you!

Without much further ado, the iTunes App Store URL is: http://www.itunes.com/apps/XtremeCloseUp .

I learned something new about the “Release Date” from this Stackoverflow.com article.  Read it if you are an iPhone application developer.

Also, if you cannot find your app immediately after receiving the “Ready for Sale” email from Apple, just be patient.  When I first received the email from Apple, I was so excited and started searching for “closeup” and “xtreme”.  Nothing other than Myst, Monopoly Here & Now, Marty’s Magic Coin, etc. is showing up.  I was thinking to myself, this search thing in App Store is broken.  A few hours later, searching for “xtreme closeup” or “21gingerman” showed just Xtreme CloseUp.  Searching for “xtreme” shows a bunch of other stuff and we are in around position #20. Unfortunately, we are nowhere to be found when one searches for “closeup”.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to rate and review Xtreme CloseUp.  It’s very important for us to hear from our users, good or bad.  The ratings and reviews guide us in our direction for next versions of Xtreme CloseUp.  They also help us gain visibility in the App Store which is getting more and more crowded by the day.

Talking about crowded App Store.  I recently ran across 148Apps.biz and find that it is very useful.  They have many stats on the App Store.  For May 2009, total apps in App Store is 41,478 of which 8,099 are games.  Almost 23% are free apps, which means 77% of the apps are being sold for $0.99 or more.   If you are thinking of developing iPhone apps for fun or profit, check out this site.

We have another iPhone app fairly close to completion and should be available for Ad Hoc “beta” testing towards the end of next week.  If you are interested, please contact me and I will add you to the Ad Hoc release.

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