10 Days and Counting

Our second iPhone app, Love Genie, was submitted on June 15th.  It is still in the pipeline somewhere and I have no idea what’s going on.  Typical.  However, by looking at my Flurry usage stats, I noticed that a new activation occurred on June 18th, i.e. about 3 days after my submission.  BTW, Flurry is great!  If you publish iPhone apps, you definitely should take a look at Flurry.

Based on my previous experiences with submitting apps to Apple App Store, my guess is that there are two lines of defense for approval.  You usually cross the first line after about 3 days.  If you are not rejected at the first line, you wait for your approval which may take however long it will take.  I’ve seen approval delays of 10+ days.  Some developers claimed a month as a possible delay.  It varies.

In other words, Love Genie should be on App Store “any day now.”

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