Really, how long will it take to get approved in App Store?

ReadyForSaleYou followed all the steps to a tee and submitted the fruit of your labor to Apple App Store for review. You are in the waiting game. The nail-biting anticipation, the dreaded reject email, the exhilaration of the Ready for Sale email. But really, how long will it take from submission to approval in the Apple App Store?

Looking at the App Store Application Approval Delay stats reported on 148apps and comparing that to my actual approval delays, I have to think that there’s something wrong with my apps.  Why does it take 10+ days for mine to get approved when 148apps reports 2.86 days as the average?

Digging deeper into the details page for the stats, the answer is rather obvious. “Application approval delay measures the delay between the submission date and the time the application first appears in the app store for new applications. This is done by measuring only apps that do not change their release date at the moment they are approved.” In other words, more an more apps are changing their release date at the moment they are approved.

I’ve been following another iPhone application developer Dave Calabrese who is doing his App-a-Day Challenge.  Even though he is not really doing an app in a day (he has to do contracts and make money to pay the bills too), I think it is great that he is challenging himself and also publicly documenting his feat along the way.  Based on his blog, I estimate that the approval delays for his released apps is between 9 and 14 days as well.

This is by no means a slam on 148apps for reporting such misleading stats. I go back to their app store stats page because the other count and apps category distribution data is very useful. However, truth be told that a typical app will take 10-14 days to go through the approval process and not 2.86 days, and that’s without any rejection hiccups from Apple’s App Review team.  I don’t know of the App Review team gives large publisher such as Digital Chocolate, Amazon, etc, any special treatment. Without an inside person giving me the inside scoop, there’s no way for me to tell.

So, do you have a story to share? What’s the longest and shortest delay you have for approval?  Leave a comment.  Or twitter me @pklpkl.

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