Are you a Real Estate Investor? I have an iPhone App for you.

I just wrapped up a new iPhone application for Real Estate Investors.  It’s already in the App Store review pipeline.  If history has its way, which it always does, it will be out in the store in about 10 days.

This genre of “finance” utility application is a complete departure from the previous apps we have released, but I did it for several reasons.

  1. Real Estate Investments is an area that I am personally familiar with and also know a lot of people who do this for a living.  So, I have a natural user base to market to.
  2. I checked out other applications in this space and cannot find one that I really like and feel useful. There are several out there, but none of them really fits my criteria.  Many of them are loaded with features that are marginal to real estate investors on the move.  iPhone applications should be focused, simple, and does one thing really well.
  3. As a utility to help organize one’s money-making activities, it can be released into App Store at a higher price point.
  4. I needed a challenge. Initially, I wanted to do finish this app in one 24-hour day, but life sort of got in the way.

One Response to “Are you a Real Estate Investor? I have an iPhone App for you.”

  1. Bianca Says:

    I was searching online for this as my boss is looking at buying an app for real estate investors.

    Is this app available?


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