Sex Professor, Day 4

Top100Sex Professor arrived at the Apple App Store last Friday.  By end of 4th day, it is at position 34 of Top-100 in Lifestyle Free Applications in US App Store.  It has even better ranking in the Canadian, German, French, Italian, and UK App Stores. How do I know this?  appFigures!  I’m still deciding if appFigures is worth the monthly fee versus the one-time payment for desktop applications.  Here are my assessment for the available options so far:

appFigures (monthly fee) – Very full features and nice graphs.  The monthly fee is based on total number of applications you have in iTunes.  Pricing plan starts from free for 2 applications to $4.99 for the first 2 apps and $1.49/app/month for over 2 apps. This is troubling for me.  It means that I’ll be paying for old applications that may no longer be generating revenue for me.

AppViz ($29.95) – By Ideaswarm. There’s a 30-day free trial so you can try it for yourself.  I’m starting to like it.  It collects Reviews from all the different countries’ App Store so you can view it in one place.  One of the missing features is Rank Tracking and Events like appFigures. It allows you to download directly from iTunes Connect web site or import from iTunes Connect report you have downloaded.

AppSales (free / open-source) – Can’t beat “free”, except you may have to do-it-yourself if you are expecting new features or if somehow iTunes Connect web page design changes and the web import interface breaks.  It has a mobile (iPhone) version that I use in the morning just to get an idea of the last few days of sales.  There’s a desktop version (no longer under active development) as well.  Overall, it is a good option but without a lot of bells and whistles (e.g. Rank Tracking, Review Tracking). It is also without a defined future unless you are willing to do some work down the road.

It feels great and encouraging to hit Top 100.  At the same time, it puts more pressure to get the new upgrade version out this week.  The new version will include additional viral features such as sending results to friends via email  or saving it for posting to Facebook, MySpace, etc. Back to work!

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