News Flash! News Flash! appFigures Makes Pricing More Flexible

I want to claim credit, but I won’t.  I’ve been whining about appFigures being such a great service that I will consider subscribing to, but insisted on charging me a monthly fee for all apps in my iTunes Connect report regardless of which one(s) I really care about.  I’m sure that they have heard about it from other potential customers as well.

Well, they announced a few days ago that their wonderful engineering team has figured out how to let subscribers control while apps should be included.  Woohoo!  But you know what they say about software development, “Everything is possible, the Impossible just takes a little bit longer.”

What I like about appFigures

  1. Graphs with events – The sales/download graphs shows the “marketing” events you defined.  This is very useful.
  2. Automatically translate reviews into English – This is a convenience.  With one click, I can read the German and French review text in English instead.  I can use Google Translate for this, but it just a bunch of cut and paste.
  3. iTunes App Store Rank tracking – This is cool, way cool.  I cannot easily get this myself.  There may be other services out there that does this, but it is useful to have this in one place.  What would be even better if appFigures can overlay this on my sales/download graph as well.
  4. Sync with iTunes Connect – I don’t use this feature myself since I don’t trust anyone with my iTunes Connect user name and password.  However, for those who are less paranoid than I am, this is a great time saver.

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