KPCB iFund Status Update

Chi-Hua Chien from KPCB spoke about the status of their $100M iFund at iPhone Dev Camp 3 last night.  Key points, about $45M invested.  4000 proposals, 250 companies met, etc, etc, etc, and the bottomline 7 companies funded.  The list:

  1. Pelago – 2 guys in Seattle
  2. Gogii – ex-Jamdat
  3. iControl – more like a Series B (or C?)
  4. ngmoco:)
  5. Booyah – ex-Blizzard people
  6. hush-hush mobshop – 1 guy working for about a year at KP’s office
  7. can’t tell you or I’ll have to kill you

The “biggie” categories iFund is interested in are:

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Real-Time Everywhere and Anywhere
  • Local Search
  • Healthcare – funded a company that has a real time monitoring of health signs
  • Augmented Reality
  • Real-World Gaming

And he (as well as most VCs I know) are looking for the following in any proposals:

  1. Market
  2. Team – proven team. See list of funded companies above.
  3. Technology – defensible. Patents help in the long run, but having “hard to do” technology is what helps you in the near term.
  4. Product
  5. Business Model – last but not least.  Dotcom is so 90s.

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