100,000 Apps in App Store by end of 2009?

Flurry is a mobile apps analytics company.  They provide the service for free, and a damn good one.  Their business plan appears to be get as many apps using their analytics package as possible and aggregate the apps usage data for analysis and “industry reports.”

Here’s an example. For applications using Flurry to track app usage, developer creates an App ID in Flurry.  Flurry considers this a “new construction starts” metric (similar to housing market).

Fact: Apple iPhone App Store grew from 25,000 apps in January 2009 to 65,000 apps in July 2009.

Flurry Estimates: The current month-to-month “new construction start” rate is at 30%. With some conservative adjustments, there can be more than 100,000 apps available in the App Store by the end of 2009.

What does it mean for developers? Don’t rely on serendipity discovery.  Marketing matters. Brand matters. Look at the Top 20 in many categories.

  • Lifestyle: Weber, Sports Illustrated, Zippo, eBay, Amazon, OpenTable, etc.
  • Finance: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, CNN Money, PayPal, Quicken, etc.

You either have a sizeable marketing budget, ingenious viral marketing plan, or have a well recognized brand that will catch the users attention to get the downloads.

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