iTunes 9: The Good and The Bad

Just downloaded and installed iTunes 9.  The iTunes Store has a new layout.

The Bad: From the App Store tab, if you just click on the tap, you see a big splash of the “featured” big name apps such as those from EA.  You have the New and Noteworthy above the fold.  The right hand side has the Top Charts starting with Paid Apps and Free Apps.  A new section named “Top Grossing” is after the Free Apps.  Wait…where are the categories.  It used to be very easy to click on a category on the left hand side sidebar.  Now that’s gone!

The Good: If you mouse over App Store tab, you’ll see a down arrow to get to a drop down menu.  Here you’ll find the categories.  Select Lifestyle.  You get back the good old Category page.  Click on Top Free Apps on the right side bar.  Now you get the list.  Wait…instead of the Top 100, you now see the Top 200!  That’s the good news because if a new app gets into the Top 200, you have a better chance of climbing up the charts because users will find you!

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