In iPhone OS 3.1.2 Upgrade Hell right now

I accidentally upgraded the iPod touch I use for development to iPhone OS 3.1.2.  Doh!

Now, I cannot use it with my current installation of Xcode 3.1.3 and iPhone SDK 3.0.x to develop/test with this iPod touch.  And I cannot downgrade back to 3.0.x either.  Bummer.

So I started downloading Xcode 3.1.4 with SDK 3.1.2 from and hope to do a quickie upgrade and get myself back to be productive again.  Not so fast.  The download is 2.7GB and took 1.5 hours. Then when I tried to install the Xcode upgrade, it failed.  It reports some type of checksum error.  See this:


I tried this 3 times and it failed in different places.  I used md5 to check the checksum.  The three different .dmg files came back with different checksums.   Since I don’t know what the checksum is supposed to be, all I know is that the 3 downloaded .dmg files can be all corrupted.  And I have no way of figuring out which one is the good one, or if I even have a good one at all.

I did google around to see if anyone has the same problem so I can point fingers back at Apple.  No such luck.  Looks like I’m the only person seeing this problem.  Good that I have been diligently backing up my MacBook with Time Machine.  Since the botched installs of Xcode 3.1.4 renders my Xcode installation unusable, I used Time Machine to rewind time and get a working Xcode again.

Lessons learned:

  1. Back up your development Mac with Time Machine before you upgrade Xcode.
  2. iPhone / iPod touch OS upgrades are one-way street.  Don’t believe anything else.  Make sure that you have more than one device on hand for development and testing.

Epilog: I gave up on Xcode  3.1.2 on Leopoard!  I went out to Apple Store, bought a copy of Snow Leopard, backed up my MacBook with Time Machine (Do this!  Trust me!  You won’t regret it as Snow Leopard installation will likely require that you reformat/re-partition your hard disk), upgraded to Snow Leopard, upgraded Xcode to 3.2.1.

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