AT&T Double/Triple Dipping on Data on 3G Microcell

Femtocells are such a good idea. How come the adoption isn’t higher? I think the greedy phone companies are killing the product with their pricing plan.

Most of us already have broadband at home which we are paying $30-$80/month for that connection. We can layer other services  on top of the services we have already paid for. Femtocells bridges cellular voice traffic from your cellphone to your broadband network. This frees up the cellular carrier’s bandwidth or provide coverage where the normal cell towers cannot reach.

AT&T’s femtocell product (a.k.a. 3G Microcell) costs you $150 (and in some strange cases they won’t even sell one to you). You hook it up to your broadband network connection. When you use your cell phone near your 3G Microcell, the data network usage is counted against your allotment of limited data plan.

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