About Me

I’m an entrepreneur, technologist, marketer, software developer, manager, and code hacker in the Silicon Valley.  I’ve seen the software industry changing from packaged software that you can actually hold in your hands and buy off a shelf, to software and services delivered over the Internet, to my latest ventures in various mobile platforms.

I’ve been involved with Internet Advertising as early as 1995. I started the “Adgineering” (short for Advertising Engineering) team at Infoseek during the early phases of banner advertising. Later, I became employee #1 at Cadabra, a comparison shopping portal that was later acquired by GoTo (a.k.a. Overture Services, acquired by Yahoo!), pioneer of Pay Per Click advertising. I was also the VP of Engineering for Propel Software Corporation, the company behind Earthlink’s “Surf up to 5X faster” dialup service. In 2005, I co-founded VoiceIndigo and developed a pre-loaded Mobile Audio Podcast player for several Samsung phones running on the Sprint Network.  In 2009, I joined Aardvark (check out our Aardvark Mobile for iPhone) which was acquired by Google in February 2010. I’m currently a Member of Technical Staff at Google.

See my personal web site at http://pklpkl.com/. I have another blog, Eyeball In The Window, that talks about Advertising and CPM trends.

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